As a CEO of Metric, I met with Yigit and his team a year ago while I consider how I will reshape company’s mid level management organization. Becuase of his previous experience in ICT industry, we decided to work with him on our leadership development program (LDP). Under the advisory of Yigit, we also used Zenger and Folkman individual assessments in order to decide which individual strengths of team members we should be focusing on.
We worked together one year ago for an executive role to complete our Management Team. Yiğit’s understanding of the business needs and culture of the organization enabled us to fill the position with the right candidate in a speed fashion. Duman Consultancy is a valuable partner to us and we will be delighted to be working together again in other projects.
Dear Mr. Duman I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to you for the remarkable support you have given to our Key Account Management Team members. The team was extremely pleased with what you have shared with them, putting both the people perspective as well as the business perspective into the scope. The common feedback was that , the content had given them a different perspective and increased awareness as to look at the team, business and personal performance management holistically and that at the end of the day, they will have to manage their personal performance to start with. In doing so, the examples that were given were striking as they related to real life rather than theoretical concepts which helped them to absorb the material. We would be delighted to continue working with yourselves in the up-coming projects and have your support in building different competencies in our teams.
Duman consulting helped me with the most critical hire of my first 100 days. We were looking for a COO to complete an Executive Team that would transform a local firm into a European leader. They listened to our needs well, cast the net wide, screened intelligently, used my time effectively and finally got the right COO for us. They also let the other candidates know with sensitivity. In fact, we ended up hiring one of the others for another senior role. I also asked Yiğit Duman to coach one of our brightest Hipos which to my delight he accepted. Duman consulting made me feel like they were a high performing in-house unit.
Yigit provided us support and advice during the implementation of key HR pillars in Turkey. Especially his expertise and guidance during brainstorming and defining the key competencies for the R&D team was very valuable. He was well-prepared, energetic, funny, and motivating. He took the whole team through a powerful journey and made sure the team achieved the results at the end. He is a very valuable partner and trusted advisor to AVL Turkey.
Yiğit is a world-class Human Resources professional and leader. We worked together on a long transformation journey at Turkcell Superonline from 2008 to 2011. During that time, Yiğit proved to be incredibly knowledgeable. I heartily recommend Yiğit and would be only too happy to work with him again in another project.
Yigit kindly participated VERITAS Circle 25 Executive Event and he moderated the extraordinary leadership workshop. Thanks to his leadership skills and his extensive experience, we had a very successful event. Yigit is one of the best leadership development professionals in the business. He understands the needs of the organisations/individuals and creates the relevant solutions I recommend Yigit unequivocally and would work with him again in a heartbeat